What does "swooby" mean?

"Swooby" has definitions both on:

"swooby" is a word that was gifted to me in 1999 by a very good friend.
I saw my friend first use it in 1995 on his homepage ("Swooby Links").
Where he got it from I honestly don't know! :)

There's a bigger story behind our use of the word "swooby".
But, you would have to buy me a beer sometime to find it out.



Use of the word "swooby" is trademarked (registration pending)
I do this to protect the word from corporate/commercial exploitation

Per The USPTO, "legitimate use of a mark" establishes trademark rights.

I claim "legitimate use" of the word "swooby" by the following means:

  • My registration of swooby.com on March 18th, 1999

  • The existence of this website

  • My claims to its printed use as far back as 1995

  • Trademark registration is pending

You are free to use the word in any way you choose.
However, I retain full rights to ask you to stop using the word.